World Bread Day

Taking an average household’s everyday meals into account, most households in Sri Lanka would be eating bread for at least two meals a day. Bread is as much a staple as rice for most Sri Lankans and therefore, we should all take the opportunity to appreciate this food we have today on World Bread Day which is on the 16th of October.

The Origins

Bread is one of the oldest foods in the world and is said to have originated in the time of the ancient Egyptians. Since the Egyptians were the first to leaven their dough with the discovery of yeast, the early forms of bread are believed to have originated from here. Later on, the Europeans made their discovery of yeast and thus the loaf bread was created and that’s the most common type of bread today.

Types of bread

Yes, we are celebrating bread, so why not learn about a few types of bread? Read through the list below…do you recall having heard any of these names before?

Ciabatta – the world Ciabatta translates to slipper in Italian. It is made of flour, water and salt and is pretty much like the normal bread we eat every day.

Image Credit jcomp Via freepik

Whole Wheat Bread – This bread is made with wheat flour where the bran and the germ aren’t removed from the grain. This means that this bread has more nutrients and fibre in it.

Image Credit – mdjaff Via freepik

Rye Bread – this is a little unusual where the bread is made with a combination of rye and bread flour giving it a very different flavour from other types of bread. Dil seeds are usually added to it to give the bread an earthy flavour.

Image Credit – onlyyouqj Via freepik

Pita Bread – this is a flatbread that originates from the Middle East. The leavened dough is flattened and baked in an oven on high heat which causes the moisture to evaporate. The result? A puffy air-filled centre.

Image Credit – KamranAydinov Via freepik

Brioche – with eggs and butter added into the mix, this is a French bread that tastes slightly sweet with a tight crumb and soft crust.

Image Credit – timolina Via freepik

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