Tips For The Best Cupcakes

If you are a self-learner when it comes to baking, you’ve come to the right place for some quick tips for the best cupcakes, one of the most loved bakes in the book. Read this article and follow these tips and your next batch of cupcakes is sure to turn out absolutely PERFECT!

Follow the recipe

Now this seems pretty obvious doesn’t it and yes, of course, you do follow the recipe, but do you follow it to the dot? Most of us tend to use substitute baking soda for baking powder or use just egg whites instead of whole eggs, or maybe reduce the quantity of sugar. Surely, you are guilty of at least doing it once. However, the recipe in the book includes each ingredient for a reason and your result would just be wasted with unnecessary additions, deductions and substitutions.

Ingredients at room temperature

Remember baking is a science and therefore, temperatures play a big role in the success of your batch of cupcakes as well. If the recipe states that you need room temperature ingredients, be sure to bring all your ingredients to room temperature before you begin.

Mix until just right!

So, you are mixing your ingredients for cupcakes, you fold the flour into the wet mix and switch on your mixture and go about your work…please don’t! This could result in mixing making the bakes dense in texture and way too heavy in flavour. Simply mix until all the flour is well combined, and you’ll be good to go.

Fill the cupcake pan appropriately

This is very important and if not done carefully could spoil your batch of cupcakes! Overfilling or underfilling your mould could lead to mushroom tops, cupcakes that sink and overflowing. Most recipes unfortunately do not advise on how much batter should go into the mould. But on average you could stick to 2-3 tablespoons.

Cool your cupcakes

Yet another obvious fact that you might sometimes tend to ignore when in a hurry. Especially when photography is on your mind. But have a little patience and make sure that your cupcakes are completely cool before you begin frosting them.

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