Start Off Healthy This New Year

Healthy Meal

Ever heard of clean eating? If you are a health and fitness enthusiast you probably have, but for those of you who aren’t aware of it, let us explain. Clean eating is where you select ingredients that are not processed and as close to its natural state as possible to gain maximum nutritional benefits. Since the new year is all about staying healthy and boosting your immune system, why not opt for a healthy start with clean eating and some good old exercise?

Go organic!

With the organic fruits and vegetables available at your local supermarket these days, this couldn’t get any easier. These ingredients are freshly grown with no extra additives which allow the fruits and vegetables to retain most of those juicy vitamins in them. You can also try growing a few vegetables and fruits in your back yard which will give you the satisfaction of picking and bringing your ingredients straight to the kitchen.

Read labels

If you are determined to start healthy this year, then start reading the labels of the products you buy. Why? You’ve got to be certain that there aren’t any harmful fats and oils, added sugar, or any other preservatives in your food. For instance, nuts are considered very good for health, but the packet you’ve bought may have been exposed to heat and roasted in vegetable oil which would have killed most of the nutritional elements. There might be a few products like 7 Star Wholemeal Flour with high nutritional value to help keep you healthy as well.

Avoid refined carbs

Food that has been heavily processed and is easy to overindulge in are called refined carbs. These might taste really good, but keep in mind that the nutritional value it provides isn’t! According to research, refined carbs are the cause of fatty liver, inflammation, obesity, and insulin resistance. Instead, opt for whole grains which provide better gut health and proteins to keep your immune system at its best.

Exercise daily

Exercise doesn’t have to be related to going to the gym and having heavy workout sessions. If you are able to do so, it is all well and good. But honestly, a simple brisk walk each day should do the trick. Not only does this promote better heart health and blood circulation, but an evening walk can also help you free your mind from the stress built up during the day.

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