How’s your resolutions going?

How’s your resolutions going?

We understand that keeping up with your New Year’s resolution is hard. Especially watching what you eat during a tiring day at the office. We often find ourselves exhausted after the morning rush and would binge eat to get us through day making it harder to stick to your diet.

So we at Cake Katha decided we would help you out by letting you know a few places you can get your lunch delivered to the office and also stick to your diet.

1.Natural Eats

Natural Eats is a great place to order from for your working day lunches. It is a restaurant that’s making healthy eating easier for Sri Lankans. So we thought we’d try a few items from their menu. We ordered their “Cold chicken salad”, “Quinoa Bowl” and “Electrolite Me” which is a beverage.

The salad was a mix of chicken, apples, cucumber, onions and capsicum all tossed together in a yummy curd dressing. You could tell that the chicken itself had some heat to it, and the capcium and chillie flakes also brought it a good punch. However the cooling curd, fresh apples and other veggies gave the whole thing a nice balance and the dish worked really well.  One thing you can probably expect with delivery is that the cold salad might not be as cold as you would expect it to be, but all in all it was delicious.

The Quinoa Bowl we had was a chicken one which came with a salad and curd dressing on the side as well. The chicken on that too had some nice heat, almost like a curry chicken minus the curry. It was very flavourful and you can tell they used only breast meat, which was lean and had less fat. The salad that came with it was more or less the same as the salad that came in the cold chicken salad, minus the curd dressing and fresh apples. However, this had tomatoes and gave the curd dressing on the side for us to dress which was very thoughtful so as to the food container not getting soft during delivery and breaking apart. It was all washed down with “Electrolite Me” a drink made from “thambili”,starfruit, spinach and local oranges. It was quite an earthy drink and was very refreshing. Would have loved it to be cold but i guess that’s a compromise you have to face with delivery.

2.Pure Kitchen

Pure Kitchen is a cute open space spot serving up amazing snacks, meals and smoothies, all fresh, made from scratch and with no gluten involved. So for lunch we ordered their Beef burger bowl, a Peanut Blast smoothie and a Chocolate muffin.

The Banana, Peanut Butter, Cocoa Powder and milk smoothie was just devine.. At first taste, used think it was a peanut butter shake made with ice cream, later on though you get the banana flavour, and the fact that they used coco powder and not just chocolate took the edge off of it getting too sweet and gave it a nice bitterness. We believe they had used crunchy peanut butter since we got some nice crush and texture while sipping down the smoothie.

The meal was basically a beef burger patty minus the burger buns and with a whole lot of goodness. It was served with pickled onion, corn, salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber & superfood seeds which is a mixture of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, dry Goji berries and natural soy lecithin. It also comes  with your choice of rice, quinoa or couscous and 3 types of roasted vegetables available on that day. We had the couscous with roasted eggplant, bitter goat, and potatoes. The meal comes with a tangy dressing and we suggest mixing up the whole affair since some meal elements were a little under seasoned. Beef patty had a nice flavour but was a little dry, mainly for the fact that it said it would have cheese in the middle but ours was hollow. 

To end the meal we had gluten free chocolate muffin. This was obviously the highlight of our meal. It was so rich and dense and it was almost a fudge brownie, and to make it even better, it had chips of bittersweet chocolate and some kinda nuts mixed in for a lovely surprise while eating.

Overall we were quite happy to have had a tasty dish and still for it to be healthy.

3.Life Food

Life Food is not only a health-conscious restaurant in Colombo, it is also a place to treat the “foodie” in you. Made with locally sourced produce and a healthy lifestyle in mind, the food there is wholesome, nutritious and fresh.

To get through the busy day at work we ordered their Super Ginger. It was a beverage made from ginger and lime. It was nice, refreshing and tangy. It also arrived cold which was a bonus.

For the meal, we made our own bowl (which you can customize to your preference) with Soba noodles, prawns with chimichurri sauce, chickpeas, cooked kale, roasted red bell peppers and sauteed mushrooms. We flavoured the whole affair with a seol calling drizzle, which was a vegan mildly spicy korean flavours inspired sauce. As the food arrives the first thing that hits you is all the wonderful smells. From that moment onwards your mouth starts to salivate and gets you read for the meal ahead. The Seoul drizzle and additional chimichurri sauce came on the size which we used to sauce up the entire affair and get all those flavors in. We suggest doing that and it was absolutely divine. The prawns itself was cooked really well and had a nice texture and taste to it, and all the veggies was beautifully cooked and tasted great individually as well as all together although the mushrooms could have had a little more seasoning and the chickpeas were a little under done and some were grainy. One suggestion would like to say it to use your own cutlery since even those the wooden forks and knife are great, it’s a little small and hard to get all those yummy goodness in one mouth, plus the chickpeas kept rolling out.

At the end of it, we believe cake katha came away with some delicious dishes from great places and also managed to loosen the pants while doing do. Make sure you check them out too and start eating healthy and stick to your new year’s resolution of leading a healthy life.

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