Home Baking Sees Rapid Growth in 2020

Home Baking

If there was one thing that the year 2020 inspired despite the raging pandemic, it was definitely the ovens of all those home bakers out there! Baking in itself is a science and a quite interesting one at that. So, many of those who’ve had baking in their blood for a long time now finally took their first step towards starting their own little venture even though times were tough, and take it from us, they don’t regret it!

With a little bit of research here and there, we tried to understand better what actually brought about the large growth in the home baking industry last year, and what we found was pretty fascinating. With COVID-19 taking over the entire world and people being forced to work from home brought absolute chaos. Incomes became insufficient and the rising inflation of prices and depreciation of the rupee made living last year quite like hiking on rocky rugged terrain for every Sri Lankan out there. The fact that some people were able to find the opportunity for their home baking business venture proved that being positive could help turn things around.

According to many of these small-scale entrepreneurs, it all began with their love and passion for baking. Yes, the basis for any sort of success is the undying passion for what you do, and these bakers were blessed with it. Also, desperate times forced them to take a risk, it’s as the cliché saying always goes “no risk, no reward!”. Another trend that we came across would be the fact that each business seemed to have its unique themes which means that ordering from each baker would mean that you get a different experience from each one of them. Most of the bakers have also strived to perfect their very own recipes and versions of the classics like brownies and cakes which are certainly interesting for the palate to explore.

We hope 2021 will be an even better year for all those hard-working, passionate home bakers out there. Also, we hope our readers found some inspiration as well for the start of this new year! Take that initiative to make up for lost time with a positive attitude and taking that first step. Good Luck!

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