Easy Kitchen Hacks to Change Your Life – Save, Preserve and Cook

Have you been a victim of kitchen disasters? Here are some of the most common and easiest kitchen hacks that can save you from a catastrophe in the kitchen while cooking and storing food. These quick fixes will let you look at kitchen prep in a new light and make life easier for days to come. Save money, time and most importantly, your tears from some of the most underrated kitchen hacks that will change your life!

Save Your Onions and Tomatoes from Rotting

When stored together, tomatoes and onions tend to rot. Ever wondered why? Both tomatoes and onions release gas and moisture which speeds up the rotting process and therefore is advisable to be stored separately for longer life.

Avoid Cracks in Eggs While Boiling

How many times have your eggs cracked while boiling? A simple hack is all it takes to save them from cracking, leading to perfectly boiled eggs. Add 3-4 teaspoons of oil to the boiling water and voila! Your eggs will be crack-free and flawless.

Squeeze-Easy Lemons

Have you longed for squeeze-easy lemons? When lemons are stored in the refrigerator, they tend to harden, making them difficult to squeeze. Do not fret! Simply leave the lemons in hot water for 5 minutes or pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds under high temperature and your lemons will be as soft as they can be.

Don’t Let Onions Make You Cry

Here’s a solution to a very common yet irksome matter in the kitchen. How often do onions make you cry? Freeze your onions before chopping them and avoid tears streaming down your cheeks while handling the knife.

Leave Potatoes Fresh

Do you tend to leave your potatoes waiting after cutting them into shapes? Here’s how you can prevent them from browning until you pick them up for cooking. As soon as you cut the potatoes, add them to a bowl filled with room temperature water to ensure that they remain the same when you are ready to use them.

While hoping that these easy kitchen hacks not only make your lives simpler but also help you preserve and avoid waste, we will be back with some more kitchen hacks to help you through the day very soon.

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