2021 Trendy Wedding Favours

Let’s begin with the cliché phrase which is “times are changing!” and with that, the norm of weddings have changed as well. The days where the bride and groom would plan grand receptions with over 300 guests are long gone now. Weddings today have become a rather intimate ceremony with just close family and friends being invited. Costs too need to be controlled and with that, wedding favours too have seen new trends especially since last year.


This is one of the novel favourites when it comes to wedding favours. Macaroons are quite delicate, moreover, can be prepared to match your wedding theme as well. It is a great token of appreciation much like saying a dainty “Thank You!”.


Doughnuts & doughnut holes

Now, who doesn’t like doughnuts? This is a quite and exciting delight which will bring about a wide smile on the faces of your loved ones. You can even get them with different flavours to match your wedding theme. Pack doughnuts or doughnut holes in delicate little bags and include a lovely tag with a personal note from the bride and groom.


Artisan Popcorn

Certainly, a lovely snack to munch is that caramel covered popcorn we all love. It’s got the crunch of the corn and the punch of sweet caramel to add some pop for a special “Thank You” to all those attending and supporting you and your beloved throughout the wedding ceremony.


Artisan Chocolates

Yum…chocolates! – is exactly what will run through the minds of your guests when they see the pack of beautiful chocolates waiting for them at the table. Flavours and designs of chocolates can be customised to suit your wedding colour palette.



How about going for a more unique favour like fudge? This mouth-watering sweet too can be made in whichever way you please so why not have an assortment on the table at your wedding to make them feel a little more special.


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