Health Benefits of Semolina

In Sri Lanka, semolina is an ingredient that is commonly known by the local name rulang. It is used to make many confections including some of the traditional sweetmeats that are served on special occasions. But did you ever think about what health benefits semolina might bring to your body? Here are a few of the health benefits of this ingredient.

Nutrition in Semolina

When it comes to the production of 7 Star Semolina, producers always re-add the nutrients lost in the processing of durum wheat graining back into the product. The end result is an enriched semolina flour that contains a myriad of nutrients and health benefits.

Semolina is full of fibre and protein which gives you the feeling of fullness in the stomach much faster than other foods do. This is because your digestion is slowed down. It is also high in vitamin B and provides nutrients like folate and thiamine which helps in converting food into energy. Furthermore, this ingredient contains iron and magnesium, minerals which help in blood sugar control, the production of blood cells and heart health.

Supporting weight loss

Semolina contains a number of nutrients that are necessary for weight loss. Since semolina reduces the feeling of hunger, this will lead to reduced weight gain in the future. Semolina, as mentioned previously is also a great source of protein which means fat loss is increased, improves body composition and preserves muscle mass in weight loss.

Control on blood sugar

Since semolina is rich in magnesium and fibre, blood sugar can be kept under control. Magnesium allows your cells to respond better to insulin which is a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the fibre in semolina helps reduce the absorption of carbs into the bloodstream aiding the control of spikes in blood sugar after meals.

Uses of semolina

The gluten in semolina helps to provide structure to pasta, bread and other bakes.

  • Try adding a teaspoon or two into the bread dough for a crispier structure.
  • Mix semolina with boiling milk, vanilla extract and honey for a great dessert.
  • Try using semolina instead of other flour for a crisper dough.
  • Sprinkle over potatoes for a bit of crunch.

It can be added to stews and sauces as a thickening agent.

Photo by aking1000 on Pixabay
Photo by aking1000 on Pixabay

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