Halloween Themed Pies

Whether Halloween is something you celebrate or not, it’s always fun to look at how creative people can get using this very imaginative theme with food! It certainly is spooky delicious when those pies you make quite often can be spiced up a little to match the season. Not to mention, the kids are sure to be excited about a mysterious looking dish that is also tasty. Here are a few unconventional pie designs to try out.

Eye Pies

Photo by paint-me-pink.com

If eyes aren’t the creepiest things, what else is? If you happen to be throwing a Halloween party and need to make a few snacks in bulk, the savoury eye pie would be one of the easiest options. Work with your ingredients and pie dough to make each bite-sized pie look like an eye.

Pumpkin Pie

Photo by pillsbury

There is certainly no Halloween without a pumpkin pie on the table! This is one creamy and delicious treat you can enjoy eating as well as preparing. The pan pie becomes your canvas to come up with some of the best spooky designs, perhaps with tiny ghosts or a pumpkin face to make it all the more enticing!

Jack-O-Lantern Hand Pies

Yum…yum…these tiny tasty treats can bring a lot of smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. The best part about these pies is that it can be eaten with the main meal or even as a snack. You can even give them out in little bags for your guests to take home after the Halloween party since we don’t have the Trick ‘o Treat culture in Sri Lanka.

Jack Skellington Pie

Photo by virginmediatelevision

If you haven’t already watched the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s time you did! This can be the inspiration for a pie with none other than the image of the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington! With an eerie grin and beady eyes, the pie will certainly get some attention once the table is set.

Spider Pies

Photo by realfood

Spiders are always the highlight when it comes to making Halloween themed dishes. Throw in a scrumptious filling into your pie and decorate it with dough spiders. If your guests want a taste of the treasure inside, they will just have to summon up the courage to eat a spider!

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