Flour Nutrition and why your body needs them!

Wheat flour is essentially made by grinding the whole wheat grain kernels into a fine powder. This known to be the main important ingredient in staple foods including your favorite breads and paratas. Seven Star Wheat flour is known to have a rich source of nutrients that are essential for contributing for your good health. Here are some of the most essential nutrients your body craves in a daily basis:


Seven Star Wheat Flour contains a rich amount of starch and fibers. These large starch molecules break down during digestion into glucose. Glucose is a body’s main source of making usable energy.  This will result to the fact that wheat flour containing foods will provide you with energy throughout the day.  Seven Star Wheat Flour also contains fibers, these fibers are best for promoting your healthy digestion.


Seven Star Wheat Flour contains a rich amount of proteins. According to research amino acids are formed when proteins are broken down during digestion. These amino acids serve as a building block for other chemicals required by your body. On average, each cup of wheat flour contains approximately 16g of proteins.


Seven Star Wheat Flour also helps to gain a diet of micro nutrients. Vitamin B is among these nutrients that play an important part in the metabolism of the body. Seven Star Wheat flours also provide your body with a source of calcium, Vitamin A and D.


The above nutrients are essential to maintain your body in a healthy way, but don’t let that stop you from eating your favorite foods! Mix up your whole wheat diet with some fruits or vegetables, this would make sure your meal has twice the nutrients!

Seven Star Wheat Flour will provide you the ideal substitute to white flour, this will help you to make your homemade cakes, muffins, pancakes and rottis extra tasty!

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