10 Best Wedding Cake Trends Going into 2019

Getting married next year? Get on board with these amazing cake trends! The days of all-white cakes are now ending; these days cake designers are reinventing how cakes look and are adding different colors and patterns to them. Excited to see what wedding cake trends are going on to 2019? Read on!


1. Doughnut Cakes 

One of the most shocking trends coming up for the new year is the doughnut cake (or, tower we should say). This cake is just another way you can feed your guests delicious donuts. Not only does a donut cake taste delicious but looks stunning!






2. Cheese Cakes

We’ve seen it everywhere, the cake made of actual wheels of cheese still continues to delight! We love cheese just as much as cake, so we understand how this could be the perfect alternative for a couple who isn’t super keen on sweets. Plus, the fruit atop the cheese is perfect to eat alongside your post-dinner fromage!








3. Edible Flowers

We love the look of edible flowers on cakes when they appear semi-2D. They look like pressed flowers which feel at once both nostalgic and super fresh. Edible flowers are made just to give an extra glam on your cake!








4. Ombre Wedding Cake

Having your cake colors take on an ombré effect is another artful design idea. It can be as whimsical or glamorous as you like. Blend yellow to orange sugar hearts for a graphic, modern style, or go red to pink to light pink with cascading sugar petals. “Whether you’re drawn to a rich saturated hue that transitions to a mid-tone or a ‘barely there’ tint that fades to white, the possibilities are endless.





5. Metallic Cakes

Metallics are big for everything from stationery to reception table flatware—and cakes are no exception. The best part about metallics? They can adapt to pretty much any style: Delicate embroidery in gold feels opulent while geometric shapes create a fresh, modern feel. If an entire tier is too much glitz for you, consider adding a little allover sparkle. Fine edible glitter (think: pixie dust) can give a decorative sheen to your cake without overpowering the whole design.






6.Ruffled Cakes

For an utterly elegant confection, choose the subtle flair of sugar ruffles. The look is light, airy and needs very little added detail. Finish it off with fresh flowers in between each tier or a few sugar flowers on top.








7. Painted Cakes

Take a cue from what many invitation designers are doing and ask your cake baker to get a little artsy with your cake design. We’re talking marbleized, stained-glass or even Monet- inspired wedding cake designs. Pair those hand-painted tiers with solid-colored layers or even simple flower accents. For a painted cake design that’s very intricate, keep the tiers simple and stick to all one shape (either all classic round tiers or all square).







8. Lace Wedding Cakes

Since the return of the lace wedding dress, experienced cake bakers have been turning out tiers embellished with beautiful designs, reminiscent of the most gorgeous lace gowns. If you decide to go for a lace cake, decide which detail from your dress to highlight on your cake, from a few simple sugar-made buttons to ivory and white fondant lace appliqués wrapped around each tier. The key to pulling it off is in the color. This trend is all about texture and works best with light hues and little contrast.







9. Geometric Cakes

For a contemporary reception setting like an urban loft, geometric patterns—squares, chevron, stripes—are a fun, fresh twist. A few places to find inspiration are your wedding invites, the ready to wear fashion runways and home design blogs and stores. One guideline: Stick to a simple color palette (think: orange and white or purple and white) so the colors don’t compete with the eye-catching design.






10. Woodland Wedding Cakes

Earthy, whimsical wedding themes are always a hot commodity, so it’s no wonder it’s big for wedding cakes too. Many couples want their cakes to taste as delicious as they are beautiful, and a natural, minimalist woodland aesthetic is a great way to let the cake and frosting do all the talking. To get the look, choose an edible white or ivory color and accent it with fresh or lifelike sugar flowers and leaves. The display can really help you carry out the look here too. One pretty idea is to order a simple white cake and place it on top of a wood tree ring surrounded by moss and foliage. The resulting treat will be both rustic and refined.






Is your wedding coming up? Decided on which cake trend you’re going for? Comment down below and let us know!

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