Your Weight Management Plan for 2023

Have you got your New Year’s resolutions in order? While this may be the year when your dreams and aspirations shape into reality, it is also important to remember that your physical and mental health plays a vital role on the road to success. Therefore, a weight management plan should be at the top of your list of New Year Resolutions. Here are 7 Star’s secrets to maintaining a healthy body weight in 2023.

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Regular Exercises

While weight loss occurs due to low-calorie intake, one of the secrets to maintaining a regular level of weight is by engaging in regular exercise. When a short workout enters into your daily routine, there is no going back to the ‘old you’. As your body uses energy to burn down the additional calories consumed, your weight will remain unchanged.

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Make a Healthy Switch

A healthy diet is the key to maintaining your weight, especially if weight loss is a part of your New Year’s resolutions. This could be a simple step as cutting down on your sugar intake or a major step like substituting your heavy meals for lighter and healthier ones by switching to nutritionally rich flours like 7 Star Fibre Plus, which carries significant amounts of dietary fibre, protein, iron, and folic acid, with an energy level of 346 kcal/100g.

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Sufficient Sleep

Sleep plays a major role in weight management! For those following a specific diet aimed at weight loss, inadequate sleep could adversely affect the process as it can reduce the amount of weight loss and encourage overeating. Therefore, keep in mind that one of the secrets to maintaining a healthy weight this year is by ensuring that your body is given sufficient sleep every day.

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Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. This may be the key to maintaining a healthy weight this year. As water possesses the ability to boost one’s metabolism, suppress appetite, and improve the effectiveness of your daily workout routine, losing weight and maintaining weight will be a piece of cake when sufficient water intake is being followed on a daily basis.

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Track Your Weight

Be aware of where you stand! If you wish to maintain a healthy level of weight throughout the year, do not hesitate to get on that scale and measure your body weight. Purchase a new scale and make it a habit to measure your weight at regular intervals, so that you will be aware of how many kilos that you need to lose or gain.

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