Your Christmas Feasting Tips

Throw a Christmas family feast that will leave your guests speechless! Spread joy this season by following these useful tips to transform your home into an enchanting wonderland that glitters in the joyous spirit of Christmas; here’s how with the help of some sweet-smelling meals and treats, you can add some festive flavour to the most wonderful time of the year.

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Plan Your Menu

Planning is essential! You can always download a Holiday Menu Planner Online to record food items which can be delegated to others too. Guests are usually willing to chip in and contribute to the meal, therefore, be sure to keep track and think ahead of food that will not take up too much oven space.

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Prepping Time

Take it slow! Give yourself ample time to prepare for the feast. Take a week or two for the whole process and begin by preparing the list of items that need to be purchased. These include dry rations, drinks as well as decorations to keep up with the seasonal spirit. Clear out the refrigerator so that there will be more space remaining for the upcoming goodies. Do a thorough check for the serving dishes and pull them out, with a set of fresh linen to match the colour theme.

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Be Smart with Your Dessert Choices

Desserts are an integral part of any Christmas party, therefore, making smart dessert choices is important. A rule of thumb is to choose a list of sweet treats that can be prepared ahead so that you will have more time left to prepare the main meal on the days following up to Christmas. Pumpkin spice, brownies, cranberry sauce, etc. are some of our suggested desserts to complement your delicious banquet.

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Make Use of Slow Cookers

This is the season when slow cookers resurface in the kitchen! Slow cookers can be used to prepare the sides for the main meal, leaving enough stove space for the main meals. Once the cooking is done, you can always reduce the cooking speed and keep them warm until served.

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Expect Leftovers

While your guests are sure to have the gastronomical journey of the year at this Christmas banquet, leftovers must always be expected. However, it is always important to avoid food wastage at any cost. Keep a couple of containers ready to hand over leftover food as goodies to send home with your Christmas guests.

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