Trending Cake Ideas For 2021

2021 is year where individuals began to take up things that they are most passionate about and so this year is somewhat revolutionary for most. The baking experience seems to have brought about new light to a life full of lockdowns putting everyone in a good mood…for those who bake the treats and those who eat it as well! Bakers have learnt to use basic tools and scrumptious ingredients to create the most unusual cake designs to bring happiness to all those dear to them. Here are a few trending designs this year. Have you come across any of them?

Jelly cakes


If you’ve ever wanted to create an underwater effect with your cake, well, why not try out the jelly cake? Bake your cake, cover it in a light blue or butter coloured frosting. Make your jelly mixture in the desired colour along with the decorative knickknacks you want to add. Place your cake in a springform pan covered with cling foil. Pour in the jelly and leave it to chill.

Textured cakes


This is one of the most common and easy ways to decorate your cake and sometimes all you need is a fork or a spoon. You can also use your textured comb and turntable for an evened-out effect. Chill your cake with the first layer of frosting and with the second layer, begin your texturing.

Mini cakes

These cakes are cute and sweet and have just the right amount of cake for the star of the day! It is certainly one of the more fashionable ways to go about a birthday cake. Simply bake your cake and cut out mini circles. Stack them all up with some buttercream and proceed to your decorative frosting.

Oversized cake toppers


Designs for cakes might be becoming simpler, but feel free to go all out with your cake toppers. A textured cake along with creative rosettes of buttercream on the top of the cake with the use of Russian nozzles or pearls of different sizes made of gum paste is easy to do and quite stylish.

Chocolate drip cakes

Chocolate drip cakes look simple yet fancy and are perfect for any occasion. Prepare your drip by mixing chocolate and heavy cream over the heat until you get a glossy sauce. Let it cool, pour into a piping bag or squeezy bottle and squeeze out the chocolate ganache until you’ve got the desired drip on your frosted cake.



Who doesn’t like sprinkles? Be it the multicoloured ones or the themed sprinkles, seeing them on a frosted cake is sure to fill hearts with joy. You can just sprinkle a little on the top or press them into the frosting to cover more of the surface with sprinkles.

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