Shake Up Your Christmas on a Budget

The Christmas season is usually rough on the wallet, and a family feast adds more weight to the financial burden that it carries. However, we at 7 Star have listed out some useful tips to help your throw that fancy celebratory bash to shake up your Christmas on a budget. Here’s how to save and savour every moment of this festive season with the ones closest to your heart.

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Save Your Budget

You can always skip the high-end meat and substitute it with smaller ham steaks or even a turkey breast. The feast would still be delicious and aromatic so why waste money when you can save? Remember to always choose the budget-friendly item of any type of food, be it meat, vegetables, or desserts.

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Division is Key

Direct your focus towards the main meals and distribute the responsibilities of side dishes to your family members who will be paying their visits for Christmas. This is one of the most effective methods to reduce your holiday stress and save time to focus on the more important elements of the banquet.

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Skip the Fancy Decorations

As long as your guests carry the spirit of Christmas in their hearts, no fancy decoration will be needed to uplift your home’s festive cheer. Keep in mind that you can always create Christmas décor at home with the help of paper and other items that usually go to waste. Who needs that fancy wreath and snowflakes from the shopping centre when you can cut and fold perfect paper snowflakes at home?

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Prepare Meals from Scratch

Preparing a meal from scratch can have a positive effect on your Christmas budget. Although it may consume more time than purchasing pre-cooked items, the plan is to save money. Therefore, make a trip to the grocery store with the list of ingredients and start cooking those scrumptious Christmas specials.

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Make Use of the Leftovers

Always avoid food wastage. You can easily make use of the leftover food from your Christmas feast to prepare meals for the upcoming weeks. Simply pack them in separate containers and pop them in the refrigerator. Depending on the type of food, you can use them for up to 1-2 weeks without hassle.

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