Low Budget Kitchen Maintenance Hacks

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Has the rising inflation been taking a toll on your life? While managing a household may be rewarding, regular price hikes in food have been a cause for constant worry. However, daily meals are an important element in life that should not be compromised by any means. While the struggle to survive in a crisis is real, choosing the right time, place and product may save you the trouble, and provide fulfilling daily meals. Here’s how you can make smart choices and shop wisely.

Planning is Key

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Prepare a weekly menu to avoid wastage and constantly ordering takeout. You may take into account the preferences of all family members into account and prepare a menu that serves all justice. Prepare a list accordingly and head out to shop for the required groceries, sticking to the list that you prepared. Be sure not to fall off track and purchase little eats and bites; remember, your aim is to save, not spend.

Keep Record of Your Groceries

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One of the best methods of kitchen management is by keeping track of the grocery items on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Start by routine checks of the refrigerator and cabinets (preferably once a week) and assign a separate section for items close to the date of expiry. To further minimise wastage, store perishable goods in sight and label boxes and containers.

Purchase Seasonal Produce

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Purchase vegetables and fruits that are available in abundance during the season. Buying seasonal produce is likely to reduce your spending on groceries and will even prove to be healthy. If you feel that your family members are growing tired of the same dish every day, try out different methods of preparation with creative recipes.

Build a Home Garden

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Why spend money when your garden is waiting to be sown? While a large garden may not be a luxury to everyone, there is fresh produce that can be cultivated in your little garden. Potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, capsicum; you may be surprised by the many options available for a smaller garden.

Keep an Eye on Offers and Discounts

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Spot the discounts! As your weekly purchases of groceries are likely to last for a shorter period, you may as well make purchases of discounted items that usually go on sale when the expiry date comes close. However, do not stock up if you already have enough and are unsure of consuming them before rotting. After all, the plan is to save money, not waste them.

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