Listing Down Your Favourite Snacks for the Upcoming New Year Party

Season’s greetings to our foodies! Have you been planning out a New Year’s banquet for family and friends? Snacks are an integral part of any banquet and we at 7 Star believe that food is the best way to spread joy as you step into a new year. Therefore, here are some of our favourite snacks to spice up your New Year’s party banquet.

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1. Grilled Apples with Prosciutto and Honey

This new year’s delicacy is our top pick for sweet surprises for a party. With minimal effort and ingredients, this treat can be grilled on a grill pan or an indoor grill using sliced apples, prosciutto, cheese, honey and other components.

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2. Cheddar Holly Crackers with 7 Star

While the holiday spirit still lives on, 7 Star can help you perfect a jar of Cheddar Holly Crackers for a cheesy New Year party. All you need is a bag of 7 Star All Purpose Flour by your side, along with butter, cheese and a selection of seasonings to spice things up.

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3. Fortune Cookies

A cookie for your thoughts? What will this new year have in store for you and your guests? Why not find out with a plate of fortune cookies as you take a bite into the future? With a simple set of ingredients like 7 Star All Purpose Flour, sugar and oil, this new year’s sweet will be the perfect start for your new year celebration.

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4. Cajun Sausage Puff

As setting up your home for the seasonal celebrations will not be simple, the snacks you prepare must consume less time and effort. This unique Herbed Cheese Ball is sure to leave your guests longing for more. Stuffed with cheese and herbs, the ball can be covered in nuts to make the outer layer crunchy and delicious.

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5. Cajun Sausage Puff

The last one on our list is a delicious Cajun Sausage Puff to snack on before the great banquet begins. Once again, 7 Star All Purpose Flour comes to the rescue, with sausages and eggs to knead this New Year treat into perfection.

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