Bagging-up the Best of Colombo’s Baked Brownies


We here at Cake Katha decided to hop on board our monthly escapade and visited some of Colombo’s finest bakeries, cafes and restaurants, in search for the most bodacious brownie this city has to offer! To all you sweet- tooths out there, here’s a list of places you should definitely add to your brownie checklist.



Being only Rs.180/- in price, this trusted bakery delivered us a creamy, fudgy rectangular- shaped, slightly messy chocolate brownie. The middle layer was incredibly moist and very dense indeed. Although not as crunchy as expected, it was loaded with cashew, a much- needed addition that further intensified it’s flavor. The bottom layer was finely baked, and very crispy. Even though overall it seemed to mimic the appearance (and flavor) of a small piece of chocolate fudge cake – this little number definitely stood out from the rest!




Bakes by Bella

At this infamous bakery/restaurant, we were presented with a mahogany-brown, rectangular shaped chunk of chocolate goodness. The brownie itself was a fairly heavy serving that did well in managing to fill us up. Its moist, gooey nature made its contents somewhat truly irresistible to us chocoholics! At the reasonable price of Rs250/- a piece, heading down to Bella’s for some much needed sweet-tooth satisfaction is very highly encouraged!








If there’s one thing this small place down Jawatte road is famous for – it’s the brownies! We had the liberty of trying out one of their bestselling Oreo-infused chocolate delights – which left quite a lasting impression. The outer layers were crusty, and even though the addition of the Oreo did bring an extra level of sweetness to the mix, it sometimes overpowered the signature taste of the chocolate fudge. However, the biscuit layers did manage to reinvigorate an extra crunch with every bite we took! Priced at Rs.450/-, even though it may not seem the most budget- friendly option – this little delight is a must-try for your new year’s checklist!






The Cake Factory

The chocolate brownie served to us by this cozy little bakery was indeed much different from what we had tasted thus far. Even though there were barely any nuts (of any kind) present, it greatly compensated with its overly crunchy outer and inner fillings. As we continued to explore its luscious chocolate walls, we did get the taste of unmixed grains of sugar that seemed to haunt our mouths after every bite. The top most layer was a smoothly applied coating of chocolate, finely spread with careful precision. The whole brownie had a somewhat caramelizedfeel to it, making it one delight we’re bound to remember for quite some time. Still, at Rs.180/- per piece, this really is a treat that’s definitely worth your while!




Cafe Noir Blanc

Definitely one of the most elegantly executed delights we’d had the pleasure of sitting down for, this piece was of a much deeper shade of brown in comparison to the rest. The piece was gracefully cut into a perfect square and was smooth along the edges. Although the taste did seem somewhat bland at first, it presented its own unique take on the everyday-brownie flavors and was sold to us at Rs.492/- per piece. If you find yourself craving a chocolate snack but need to save space in your stomach for lunch, then Cafe Noir Blanc is definitely the place to be!






JAVA Lounge

Making it’s mark as the most sizeable piece out of the lot (being a perfect square of 9cm by 9cm), this giant of a brownie was one of our absolute favorites! With the over-accessorizing of peanuts, not to mention its convenient cellophane packaging, the JAVA chocolate brownie certainly qualifies to make it to our top 3. Even though the cocoa taste seemed slightly off balance in comparison to the rest of the flavors, this monster of a dessert was of perfect moisture, not to mention extra fudgy! At the price of Rs300/-, if you’re looking for a “fill-me-up”, the JAVA brownie is definitely the delight you’re in need of!






The Cakery

It’s true that the Cakery is best known for their wide range of cakes and tarts – but their brownie in itself is truly exceptional! This rectangular block of melt-in-your-mouth wonder is well-paired with a strong taste of rich, flavorsome chocolate fudge that’s bound to leave your taste-buds in awe! The top most layer is a bit hard and more stiff in comparison, but crumbles perfectly as you munch your way into it. For Rs.300/- a piece, safe to say that if it were a possibility, every day would be a brownie day!





Tea Avenue

After scavenging through several winding roads, side lanes and dusty streets, we’ve finally arrived at the perfect avenue! The brownie served at Tea Avenue, to be described in one word, is simply divine. The presentation is breathtaking, with each piece being served in perfect-sized, smoothed out squares. The outer layers are baked to flawless perfection, and with each bite you’re indulged deeper and deeper into the depths of the chocolate wilderness. With all its qualities, and affordable price of Rs.300/- really is hard to believe that such a sensational delight has been created by the likes of us humans!





And just like that, we’ve finished bagging up our top picks for the best baked brownies Colombo has to offer! Anything else you’d like to add to your brownie checklist? Let us know in the comments below!

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