Are You Fit and in Shape? – Year-End Dietary Inspiration

Leave a little space for some year-end treats and get your diet on track this November. November is a time to reflect and evaluate your annual resolutions and weight goals. How well have you been managing your overall fitness this year? Here’s a list of helpful tips for you to end the year in style and begin 2023 as a fit and healthy individual, ready to face another year of challenges.


Start today

Why wait for tomorrow when you can start today? Do not put off any plans to begin a healthy diet or fitness routine the next day. Immediate action is the beginning of something new and impactful, so start today with your next meal. Go green and healthy! If you order groceries online, be sure to make healthier choices and make the smart switch, cut down on sweets and put those joggers on for an energising run.


Cut out your sugar intake

Sugar is one of the most pressing concerns for people around the world, leading to diabetes and other hazardous health concerns. Therefore, eliminating it from your diet is one of the best ways to improve health. It could be your daily cup of tea, coffee or a simple sweet treat after the main meal, slow progress is what is required. Start with reducing the amount of sugar used in your beverages, slowly shifting to no-sugar drinks as you go


Say no to alcohol

Alcohol can lower your inhibitions and increase your appetite when consumed in small amounts. Therefore, gradually cutting it out of your routine life is likely to positively impact your overall health, enabling you to be loyal to that healthy diet you had been longing to maintain. It’s all about having the courage to resist the temptation to sip on that one drink.


Make smarter snack choices

Why snack on biscuits and sweets when you’ve got plenty of fruits within reach? While you may be tempted to purchase so-called ‘healthy’ snacks from the supermarket shelf, the easier and healthier option is to snack on fruits. While they are low in calories, fruits will also nourish you with the required nutrients to maintain a fine diet.


Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is one of the key tips to get your diet back on track. While it may seem like a hassle, this can save you multiple weekly trips to the grocery store, keeping your health intact. Plan your weekly meals, list the ingredients, and purchase them in one trip to the store. The likeliness of you purchasing items out of your list of healthy ingredients is quite low when planning becomes a weekly practice.


Include more greens on your plate

Vegetables can work miracles by lowering the calories on daily meals. The best way to start off your healthy diet is to first place vegetables and salads on your plate. This way, there will be less space for other food items in your meal; while it will contain all the nutrients and types of food you need, including more vegetables will lower the high-calorie intake from daily meals.


Homemade food, not takeout

Avoid takeout whenever you can. Make healthy choices and carry a delicious home-cooked meal to work. While it may be more time-consuming than a simple Uber Eats order, homemade lunch will undoubtedly taste better and feel more fulfilling.


Make the smarter switch to 7 Star Fibre Plus

Finally, end the year with a bang as you make the smart switch to 7 Star Fibre Plus, a bag full of dietary fibre, high protein, iron, and folic acid, with an energy level of 346 kcal/100g, catered for those who consider health as the greatest wealth. 7 Star Fibre Plus will be your companion in weight loss, and will lend a helping hand to boost digestion, trap cholesterol and restrain blood sugar levels. We recommend trying out some of our recipes on Cake Katha like the Fibre Plus Bagel and Fibre Plus Naan for healthy and delicious substitutes for your daily meals.

Are you ready to get on a healthy track this November with us?

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