A Ravenous Round-up of Colombo’s Finest Red Velvets



What’s ruby red, stacked into layers and fulfills all your creamy desires? Why yes! You guessed it – it’s red velvet cake of course.

In hopes of performing a much-needed social service, we here at Cake Katha decided to round-up the finest red velvet cakes Colombo has to offer, making your quest for a perfectly delicious dessert much easier! (You’re welcome! ;))




Quite contradictory to its name, it’s not just the bread that spoke to us in this Colombo-wide café.  Although initially thought to be a bit too rigid, and somewhat dry, this delight offered to us by BreadTalk was indeed quite delicious! At the fairly reasonable price of only Rs.380/- not only did it serve to fill us up half way through, but even consisted of a sweet layer of cream cheese.






Java Lounge


The next slice that graced our taste buds was the delectable delight offered to us by the well-known Java Lounge (Rs.480/-). The creators had done an excellent job with the layering, and this beautifully structured cake was graciously paired with a raspberry cream cheese filling that left us in awe. True there was some dry nature to the velvet regions, but all-in-all this dulcifying work-of-art was an overall triumph!







Although it wasn’t deemed best in the aspects of package and presentation, the velvet layers were constructed in such a way that a close-to-perfect balance in moisture was maintained. The cheese cream layer was soft and creamy but did have some extra-buttery element to it in comparison to the other cakes we had tasted thus far. However, the chunks of red velvet that was beautifully stacked onto this Rs.460/- dessert was careful enough not to overpower its fellow elements, and this itself is a victory in the eyes of us sweetaholics!





Tea Avenue


Comparatively higher in price(Rs.650), the fine slice of velvety goodness we had the joy of experiencing at Tea Avenue was crumbly, yet soft and smooth on all edges. The packaging was quite impressive, and the cream cheese was greeted with much appreciation as it was thick and heavenly. Once the devouring had been dealt with, we were left with a satisfying aftertaste that intensified our sweet cravings even more!








This delight that came in a colorfully pink package was quite an impressive creation. The flavors were perfectly balanced so as to not let one overpower the other, and even though the portion was comparatively smaller, the moisture was perfectly retained! There was a higher consistency of cream cheese and the red velvet layer was somewhat thinner, but it’s smooth creamy nature did well to compensate. Safe to say that this Rs.600 delicacy is one of our absolute favorites!




Cafe Noir Blanc


This cozy cafe located in the buzzling town of Thimbirigasyaya, was one of the very last stops on our red velvet round-up and did well in serving us one of the best delicacies we’d tasted yet! Priced at only Rs.480/- it’s velvety creation was packed into an elegant box and presented in style. The rich, soft textures were greatly paired with a heavy cream-cheese that surprised our taste buds with a “melt-in-your-mouth” sensation upon every bite. The balance of the cream cheese is quite commendable as it was not too sweet, but just right. Safe to say that Cafe Noir is our all-round champion in this red-velvet arena!



And there you have it – the finest Red Velvet cakes Colombo now offers!  What do you think of our velvet selection? Share your thoughts with us on the comments below.



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