A Healthy Plate of Fibre

What makes 7 Star Fibre Plus so special? As 7 Star introduced a nutritional substitute to your everyday flour, life couldn’t have been healthier. Recommended as the healthy switch that you need, 7 Star Fibre Plus has made its way to your kitchen as a bag full of healthy benefits for a longer and wholesome life.

Providing 10% of your daily fibre needs

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As part of a healthy and balanced diet, the daily fibre intake should be raised for both men and women. 7 Star, in its mission to nourish the nation, introduced Fibre Plus as a source of health benefits to its loyal customers. While men and women require a total of 30-38g and 21-25g of fibre a day, 7 Star Fibre Plus can provide and fulfil 10% of the daily fibre requirement of an individual.

Supports digestion

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Providing a solution for those suffering digestion complications, 7 Star Fibre Plus is instrumental in increasing stool bulk that reduces constipation. The fibre content in this product promotes the movement of material through the digestive system which boosts the digestion and bowel health of an individual.

A partner on the road to weight loss

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How does 7 Star Fibre Plus become your ultimate weight loss partner? The high fibre content in 7 Star Fibre Plus has the ability to travel through one’s large intestine and feed the gut bacteria which becomes an essential activity on the road to weight loss.

Rich in dietary fibre and protein

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While 7 Star Fibre Plus becomes a helpful partner for better digestion and weight loss, it also carries the ability to provide dietary fibre and protein that find their way to your daily meals. Carrying 3% of dietary fibre, 12% of protein, as well as iron and folic acid with high energy levels, 7 Star Fibre Plus becomes the switch that you wished for.

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