Women’s Day Special

It’s the month of March and yes, it’s Women’s Day, where we celebrate and appreciate all the women in the world for the charm and wonder they bring. How better to inspire all those ladies out there than by sharing the success stories of women who have chased their dreams and reached their goals? You do have the same potential in yourself as well, all you have to do is be a little adventurous with your taste buds.  Here are a few inspiring stories to keep you motivated!

HashDeli Cakes & Desserts @hash.deli

‘The Mad Scientist of Desserts’ as she calls herself, Hash, has been in the home baking industry for the past 12 years! Her story of inspiration is clear evidence that the love for baking can be love at first try….”I was in Cambodia on an assignment with an American colleague. She was always baking. One day, she made me help her make banana bread with her. All I did was mash banana, to be honest. But I fell in love with baking right then and there.”

It was from that moment on that Hash began experimenting with her cakes and desserts and got the hang of it. Next thing you know, she’s started her business, delivering her flavourful experiments to happy customers. Hash also says, “Every little step forward is a challenge when you are new to running a business. What I still struggle with is hiring help. I do not know how to loosen the reigns and delegate tasks.” If you are looking for desserts or cakes with a unique twist or dietary requirement (vegan, gluten-free) HashDeli Cakes & Desserts is certainly your best choice – she recommends the Chocolate Caramel Bomb!

Inspirational message by Hash:

“Whichever career you choose, make sure you don’t do it for praise or validation. It has to be something you like doing even on your worst day. And whenever you need help, reach out. We are stronger together.”

Dessert Sea SL @dessertseasl

The founder of this literal eye candy, Zaakiya is a talented self-taught baker who simply loved baking. The endless options and creativity that baking offered was something that drew her towards the art. She says, “It was my prolonged interest in the art of pastry and its limitlessness in creativity which led to the countless attempts in choux pastry during my first-semester break in uni.”

Do you recognise this curiosity to bake and experiment with the numerous ingredients out there? After a couple of tries on her bakes, the “cream cheese eclair” pops into Zakiyaa’s head…and you can pretty much imagine what happened from there. This was the push she needed to pursue Dessert Sea.

The best-selling item at Dessert Sea? Comes as no surprise that it’s the range of gorgeous looking scrumptious eclairs.

Inspirational message by Zaakiya:

“Be kind to one another and be open to getting inspired by and giving credit to other home-bakers, this helps build integrity and strength and most importantly a powerful platform of home-bakers.”

Hungry Crocodile @hungrycrocodile.lk

Last year was absolutely challenging, but some were brave enough to take the risk and go for their dreams even amid a pandemic and Tia was one of them! She’s always had the love for culinary arts, it runs in the family…” I was sitting aimlessly at home waiting for the borders to open so that I could attend culinary college in Australia, and one day my mother asked me if I would like to start a catering/baking business just until I leave. I jumped at the chance as it would give me the opportunity to fine-tune my skills and gain some additional knowledge about the industry, I would soon be a part of.”

We asked Tia what inspired her to start up Hungry Crocodile last year and she says, “My mother has been in the F&B industry for over 20 years. With her guidance and help, I was able to start and build my business successfully. She definitely inspired me the most.” Since starting up, Tia has worked hard to come up with new savoury and sweet treats, and her most satisfying invention so far has been dark chocolate and toasted almond éclairs…yum!

Inspirational message by Tia:

“Whatever you do, be different – that was the advice my mother gave me, and I can’t think of any better advice. If you’re different, you will stand out. Don’t be afraid of being unique. Be afraid of being the same as everybody else.”

Band and Flake @bake_and_flake

Naadiya was dreaming big from the start and that’s what gave her the motivation she needed to finally take that first step to realising it in 2020! Yes, another brave baker who took the initiative and battled the previous year…” I’ve always loved to have my own flower shop along with a cosy cafe. So, to start off with the journey I took a mini step and opened up a home baking business which is going really well”

Things never start off easy and Naadiya continues to face the challenge of having to juggle work, studies, and household work while running her business. But she definitely enjoys every minute of it knowing that this foundation she’s laying continues to grow in strength, bringing her closer to the bigger picture.

Naadiya’s speciality is cinnamon rolls and she’s got a whole bunch of them with various twists on her menu…why not try them sometime?

Inspirational message by Naadiya:

“Dream big! But start off with wherever you are, the universe will eventually attract in all the good you intend and place you exactly where you have to be. All you gotta do is to overcome the challenges and be consistent in what you dream ♥️”

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