When Christmas Dawns in Sri Lanka

Well, if you usually celebrate Christmas, you’ll already be familiar with the entire routine that tends to fall in place starting from Christmas Eve. But, for those of you who are not very much aware of what typically goes on, we’ve decided to point out a few significant details to spread the festive spirit this year.

So, the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Christmas is the scrumptious Christmas cake that we all look forward to receiving from friends and family. The humdrum of Christmas cake begins as early as November when supermarkets and various stores bring out the ingredients with major offers and discounts. Once the ingredients have been bought, the fruity elements are minced and mixed together and left for all the juices to combine. You can leave it for a minimum of two days, but the secret is that the longer it’s kept the better it tastes! The dry ingredients plus butter and eggs are usually mixed on the day you plan on baking the cake. The best part about Christmas cake is that once baked you can keep it for as long as you like! By December the cake is ready….

Next comes the first week of December when the decorating begins. Families usually go shopping for decorations together and gradually transform their homes into a mini Christmas zone. The tree is set up with streamers and bulbs and some families try creating some handmade decorations too! Christmas themes such as green and red, gold and red, gold, silver…there is just so much to choose from when spicing up your home with décor.

Now comes Christmas week! The kids are certainly excited about getting on Santa’s nice list, so, they’ll be on their best behaviour. The adults in the house start planning on what to make for Christmas brunch or Christmas dinner, seasonal parties begin, and everyone is, as the song goes “Rocking around the Christmas tree!”. Christmas Eve is when families prepare to attend midnight mass at the local church. Once the prayers are over it’s all about celebrating the joyous occasion of the birth of Christ! Presents will be under the tree, laughter fills the air and there simply couldn’t be a better day in the year!

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