The Ultimate Baking Cheat Sheet

Baking isn’t for everyone. Sometimes just the mere thought of cranking up the oven and breaking out the seldom used baking trays could be overwhelming.

But not to worry, we’ve got a few tried and tested baking cheat sheets to take your once in a blue moon batch of brownies to a weekly baking shindig.

  • 01. This to That

    the worst feeling is coming along halfway to only find that you are missing a key ingredient. But that’s no reason to stop. Just follow our easy substitute guide to keep whipping up little treats all year round.

  • 02. Conversions

    For all those times, you need to keep googling your conversions. Here’s one basic guide. Simply print it out for future reference or bookmark this tab for easy access.

  • 03. The Perfect Pie crust

    Achieving that perfect pie crust isn’t as hard as it seems. Just remember the 3,2,1 rule. 3 parts flour, 2
    parts fat and 1 part ice cold water.

  • 04. Cake decorating essentials

    If it looks good chances are it tastes just as good so here’s all the cake decorating tools to invest
    in for all those delectable desserts.

  • 05. Types of Fondant

    Rolled: -The most common. This is usually rolled out like cookie dough and can be used to cover entire cakes. Tools are  key in ensuring a smooth finish.

    Pourable: –

    Has the consistency of ganache. Rather than rolled it’s poured directly over cakes and no smoothing is required.


    Thickest and the most durable fondant. Used mainly to sculpt flowers, borders and figures.

  • 06. Decorating tips

  • 07. Did someone say cookies?

    Everyone loves them and it’s one of the simplest things to bake. Chewy centers, crunchy exteriors we’ve
    got it all covered.

Now that we’ve got the basics in control, let’s go whip up some pies, cupcakes and cookies to indulge ourselves this week. With our cheat sheets, we hope baking becomes more of a weekly affair rather than the rare occurrence it is now. Stay tuned to this space for more.

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