Christmas Themed Cookies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s also time to put your baking cap on to create some deliciousness to feed some festive cheer! Cookies are one of the most common bakes in many homes during Christmas to delight the kids, so if you are planning on preparing some, here are a few ideas to try out.

Santa Cookies

This cookie decoration idea is going to leave the kids overjoyed! Bring out your Christmas cookie cutters and select the Santa shape to mould the dough. Once baked cover part of the hat with red royal icing and the rim of it with white. You can decorate the hat with edible pearls if desired. Fill up the rest of the Santa face with very light peach and add two black dots for the eyes. Use a fancy nozzle to pipe out the beard to give it a bit of texture.


Cut out your cookies in various Christmassy shapes and then pipe out a simple design with royal icing. Immediately cover with sparkly sprinkles and gently dust off the excess. Your cookies are going to look so delicately beautiful and yummy too.


Once again go ahead and cut out cookies in desired shapes. Keep some royal icing and melted chocolate ready in two separate bowls. Dip once side in the icing and once dry dip the other in melted chocolate. It’s simply yum and mouth-watering.

Sugary Snowflakes

Cut out your snowflake cookies in two sizes and bake them. Once done, cover them in royal icing, coat the smaller cookie in sugar and place in the centre of the larger cookie. You can even give your snowflake a delicate design resembling lace to go for a more elegant look.


How about some white drizzle Christmas cookies to go with your White Christmas? Melt some white chocolate and drizzle it over your freshly baked cookies. You can also drizzle them with sugar glaze made from confectioners’ sugar.

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