7 Best Cake Decorating Tips!

Are you good with baking cakes, but always seem to struggle with the design?  Peek into our list for 7 amazing cake decorating tips!


1) Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake


Bridal shower coming up? This is the cake decoration tactic for you! With edible flowers and fresh raspberries, you can decorate your cake to give it a colorful and cheerful look. Spread those fun and cheerful vibes throughout your bridal shower party!







2) Daisy Cake 


Loving the idea of an all-white cake? Why don’t you add a little bit of color and elegance to it! Fondant daisies are known to be a nice addition to plain white cakes.








3) Sugared Rosemary and Citrus Cake


To get a perfect simple yet glorious look for your cake, arrange dried slices of blood orange to make a crescent shape on top of your iced cake.








4) Carrot Cake With “Flowers”


Got a creative side in you? Then get busy with these carrot flower designs. Thinly slice long  strands of carrot and roll them to make some elegant looking flowers. This design will bring color to your cake and let’s not forget the health factor as well! Eat those vegetables!






5) Polka-Dot Cake


Love chocolate chips? Who doesn’t right? Give your cake a makeover by pushing down some chocolate chips upside down on your frosted cake! This will give your cake a super adorable look.







6) Petal Cake


Looks complicated? Well, we promise you it’s easy! All you must do is get a pipe with frosting and blob the frosting in a vertical line and smear it down. You can use a spoon to smear it. Result? A stunningly looking cake!







7) Rainbow Cake


Going for a colorful look? Get those piping bags ready with different color icing! This decorating idea is easy and guess what. You can decorate in any design you want!



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